EMERGENCY electrician

Lost Power?  Need urgent help with an electrical problem?

VJ's Electrical & AV Solutions electricians are available for all your electrical emergencies 

throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We provide after-hours support to solve your electrical issues as quickly as possible. 

Please call 0411 488 044 for assistance.

If anyone is in immediate danger or anything is on fire, please call 000.


power outage tips

If your entire neighbourhood is experiencing a power outage, then Energex is responsible for reconnecting the power.  However, if your house is the only one experiencing a power outage, it's important to call an electrician to investigate.

If your Safety Switch has tripped and you are experiencing a power outage to one part of your home, you have a fault in one of your circuits.  This is most likely caused by a faulty appliance being plugged in.  Go around and unplug everything in the area without power.  Then go to your switchboard and flick your Safety Switch and any other circuit back on. Next plug your items back in one by one.  When power and your safety switch turn off again, you've found the faulty appliance.